How to play in a game with multiple colors of LEDs

July 4, 2021 0 Comments

Game creators have a lot of fun with colors, and in the video above, one of them demonstrates a simple trick using multiple colors for each square field of a Muddy Field.

The field is made up of four colored LEDs, each of which turns on or off according to a predefined color.

The video, titled “How to play with different colors in Muddy Fields” and published on Next Big Futures, shows how to set up two lights in the same field, so that when one light is on, the other lights go on.

The color selection is handled by the LED color picker that comes with the controller, and when the field is lit, each light turns off when it passes the color threshold.

The LED color selections are a simple matter of choosing the first color that is set to the first light’s color and selecting that color in the RGB color space.

The other two lights, which are both white LEDs, are left alone, and play off of the colors in the previous field.

The result?

The lights are lit up like a muppet, but with more color than they really are.

[Next Big Future via Mashable]