Why we’re still talking about the Frontier Field Game

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

“I think it’s a great game, and I think it has the best field separation in the whole NFL,” Jaguars defensive lineman Derrick Shelby said.

“And I think the defense is a lot better now.

And it’s still a good defensive football team.” 

“It’s one of the greatest games ever played,” Falcons defensive end Michael Bennett said.

“It was great when it was played in high school, and it was great in college,” Cardinals cornerback Antonio Cromartie said. 

“But now, in the modern NFL, it’s just about being in the right place at the right time,” Titans defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said.

“I think the whole league knows how to play that game, it was a lot of fun to play when it’s played in the backyard and on the field, but it’s not the same with the field separation.”

The game is set for Sunday’s kickoff in Atlanta.