How to avoid being a batsman during batting sessions

July 19, 2021 0 Comments

It’s not a new trick.

It’s been done before, and the latest attempt to teach it to a cricket-playing child was a success last week.

A school in India has installed a special cricket batting facility and is teaching kids to do the same.

The school, named ‘Bathing Day’, has been set up in the city of Indore, and is the brainchild of Dr Sudhir Singh and his team.

The idea is to give children the skills they need to bat in front of a crowd, and teach them how to bat properly in front and behind the stumps.

The first time Sudhirey took a child on a batting tour of the school was a year ago.

In the following months, he has built up a base of experience and learnt about the intricacies of batting.

The team of two-time Indian cricket captain and former India cricketer Dhoni, who is also part of the coaching team, set up a training centre in Indore and have been trying to replicate the process.

It has been successful.

“We’ve gone to all the schools and we have a batting training camp.

We have two to three sessions a day,” Sudhires principal Sudhiro said.

The session is usually around 3 to 4pm, and children come to the school every morning for the training.

The children get training sessions from a cricket coach, who also gets them practice runs.

“The kids come to us every day.

We get the kids on the road and we send them out to play,” Sudhar said.

“They play for us on our pitches and on the cricket field.

We do it with the coaches.

The kids have to do it properly and be consistent.

They can’t practice the skill of batting because the coach has to watch and observe.”

We are also training the kids in the use of their body language.

We teach them not to show off, not to act arrogant, not show off in front.

They need to show confidence,” he added.

Sudhir has also set up two cricket training sessions each week for the children.

In one session, the kids are given a day to practice on their own.

In another, they are given three days of practice to play cricket.

Sudhircut and a few other kids are also allowed to take part in some other sessions.

We are trying to build a foundation that is strong for future generations to learn,” Sudhrir said.”

If they want to play, they can play cricket, or if they want us to teach them skills like bowling and fielding, they will be able to do that.

We are trying to build a foundation that is strong for future generations to learn,” Sudhrir said.

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