When ‘Football Maniac’ returns to Fox News Sunday

August 2, 2021 0 Comments

Fox News Channel has a special football maniac for “Sunday Night Football,” and the first “Sunday Ticket” edition of the show will return on Sunday, September 10, 2018.

“Football Mania” returns to “Fox News Sunday” to give viewers the chance to see how well the hosts can make a case for a win.

In the past, the hosts of the program have gone on to make the biggest names in the game.

In this week’s edition, “Football Menace” will have to fight to stay relevant.

The hosts of “Sunday Football” will host a panel discussion, “The NFL Is Back: How NFL Players Are Fighting Back,” with ESPN’s Peter King and NFL Network’s Michael Rothstein.

In addition, former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Mike Pereira will be the panel’s guest.

In an effort to make sure viewers have the best chance to tune in, the show also will host the “Monday Night Football” preview show, “Bears vs. Falcons Preview,” and a weekly “Fantasy Football Show” hosted by NFL Network and ESPN.

The show will also have the hosts weigh in on the latest news and play-by-play of NFL games, including “Sunday’s games.”

The host of “Football Sunday” will be “Monday Grader” Eric Mangini, who will cover all 32 NFL teams in the “Sunday Grader’s NFL Countdown” and “NFL Countdown Countdown: Week 14.”

“Football Football Maniac” will also feature host Steve Austin, “SportsCenter’s” David Jacoby, and former ESPN personality and “Sportscenter” analyst Joe Tessitore.

The host will also be joined by former NFL quarterback Joe Namath, “College GameDay” host Jim Nantz, former NBA guard Nate Robinson, and “CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman.”

“Sunday NFL Countdown Countdown” will air every Sunday on CBS Sports Network at 9 p.m.

ET, starting with the Los Angeles Rams at the Denver Broncos at 11:35 p.c.

“Sunday Countdown Countdown,” which will air on Sunday mornings from 8 p.t. to 11 p.p.m., will have a “Monday Morning Football” segment that will highlight each NFL team’s best performances.

“Saturday Night Football Countdown” is a show that will air during the week leading up to Super Bowl LI.

“NFL Sunday Countdown” has aired on ESPN since January 10, 2011.

The NFL is a division of Time Warner Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWX.

N), and the NFL is the official national television partner of NBCUniversal Inc. The networks Sunday Ticket, NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN2 and NFL RedZone are owned and operated by Fox News Holdings, Inc.