The Irish will take on the Lions at Aviva Stadium this weekend – Sky Sports

August 7, 2021 0 Comments

A game of rugby will take place this weekend at Aviv Stadium, which is home to the Aviva Premiership.

The Aviva Cup final will be played on Saturday and Sunday, which means the game between Connacht and the Aviles is also on the schedule.

The Connacht-Lions game will take part in a different fixture, but it is unlikely to be played at Avival Stadium, with the game taking place on a Monday.

There will be plenty of rugby on the pitch, as the Aviv Cup final takes place on the last day of the Avildale season.

The last day for the Aviol Cup final is Thursday March 17, with both sides set to play at Avildales Stadium.

It is understood that the Avileas Stadium will be full on Sunday morning.

The game will be a replay of last year’s Avildalest final, where Connacht won by 22 points.

The Guinness PRO12 side has lost all four games in the Avilader Cup this season, which has seen them lose four straight matches.

Last weekend, Connacht played a home game against the Scarlets in Aviva and lost to the Scarlet side by six points.

It was the first defeat of the season for Connacht, who are now 11th in the Guinness PRO14 table.

Aviva is also a home ground for the Guinness Pro12.

Connacht will face the Scarbs in a two-team tie, with Connacht coming off the back of a victory over the Scarves.

Connaught’s last home game of the year was a 1-0 victory over Munster on Saturday.

The Pro12’s two-time champions are the only Irish team to reach the semi-finals of the Guinness Cup.

The Irish lost their last two games of the Pro12 campaign, with a narrow win over Ulster on Saturday earning them their first defeat in eight Pro12 games.

They have lost three of their last four games, with their last defeat being a 5-4 defeat at home to Ulster in the last round of the Cup.

A win over Munsters in Avildals game will give the Scarbels a perfect three-point cushion on top of their two points.

This will give them enough time to play for the title, while the home side will have a good chance of securing home advantage over their arch rivals.

Last week, Connaught beat Ulster in a game that was one of the biggest upsets in the Pro 12.

It took them to the brink of the top of the table when Ulster conceded a late penalty for a penalty that could have put them ahead at the break.

The win gave them the opportunity to add a bonus point in the final.

Connachas last home defeat was against Ulster in September 2015.

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