BJP’s Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi to inaugurate a monument in honour of Indira

BJP’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated a memorial at his official residence in New Delhi to commemorate Indira.

The statue of former prime minister Rajiv, who led the nation to its greatest victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan, will be erected at a cost of Rs 1,500 crore.

Modi’s office said the memorial was made possible through a grant from the Centre for Development of Cultural Heritage of the National Capital Region.

It was inaugurated by Rajiv himself and his wife Indira, who is also a member of the Parliament.

Earlier this year, Rajiv received a knighthood, India’s highest civilian honour, at a ceremony in the national capital.

The ceremony was attended by Modi, the country’s new prime minister, who was sworn in as the countrys leader.

A new government led by Modi is expected to be sworn in next week.