How to watch NFL game on your iPad or iPhone?

With a new iOS version of the NFL app launching on Monday, the team will be able to stream games on any iOS device, and the app will also include the ability to stream via the Apple TV and Apple TV Pro.

In addition, the app can also stream games from other Apple devices and Apple devices on Apple TV.

“We are working with Apple and the NFL on these features, and we’re excited to get them out to you,” NFL spokesman Tim McCaslin said in an email to The Verge.

“These features are the best way for you to watch any NFL game.”

Apple TV support has been a hot topic in recent weeks, with the NFL and the Apple Watch showing off some of the most impressive video capture and playback capabilities in the mobile gaming space.

The league also recently announced a new app called NFL Game Pass, which allows fans to stream all the games that they can watch on their Apple TV or iPhone, but they need to buy the full season pass for $30 per year.

The app works with the AppleTV, which can also be used to watch games on a big screen with an external monitor.