Why are you asking me why I love baseball?

It’s the first time in 20 years I’ve said that, but it feels like a new day for me.

I think I’ve been in the sport longer than anyone, but the thing I think about when I look at my career, I remember my childhood.

My dad played baseball and my mom played softball.

And so I was a huge fan of baseball.

And when I was growing up, I just always had a dream that someday I could be a big leaguer.

And that dream came true when I started playing at the age of 10.

And you know, there was a game that was played in the park that was called “the best field game in the world.”

And there was one game that went right to the top of the list.

I was playing it for my team and I hit a home run.

And I said, “Oh my God, that’s so exciting!”

I remember watching the game, and then I was thinking, “I can do that, too.”

I thought that was going to be something I could do, and I had my big dreams.

And in that moment, I decided to get involved in baseball.

And when I got to the minor leagues, I played every single day, and at the time, I didn’t even know how to play.

And the first year I played, I was just starting out and I wasn’t getting the calls that I needed.

And at the same time, you’re playing against people you don’t know, and that’s a very difficult thing to go through.

But I just got to work on my craft, and by the time I was in Double-A in the majors, I had already done some good work.

And by the end of that year, I’d become a big-league player.

And there’s just no way I could’ve done it if I hadn’t gotten involved in the game.

I’m proud of my story and I’m glad that I did.

So I was very happy.

But it was also just a great opportunity for me to learn about the game and get to know the people that I played against and the guys that I worked with.

So that was really fun.

I have to say, I’ve had a blast.

I’ve seen the game grow and evolve in my life.

And this year, as I’ve grown older, I’m going to continue to see the game growing and evolving, and it’s a great time to be a fan.

I have no doubt that there’s going to come a day where I’m not able to watch the game anymore.

And if that day comes, I’ll be there to watch it, but I think it’s just going to get bigger and better.

And it’s going in the right direction.

So there’s no doubt about it, and the fans have always been great.

I think I was really fortunate to have had the opportunity to play for the Giants, and to get to this point, to be able to play in this game for my teammates and see what they do in the field and to play with the best of them.

And for me, it’s been a really good experience, because I feel like I’ve learned a lot from them and the coaches, and we’ve had some great conversations together, too.

So it’s great.

But the game is going to keep evolving and I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it reaches the big leagues.

I mean, you can’t really tell what’s going on.

So you can tell me, though, what I’m really excited about.

So much is happening, so many great teams are going to compete in the bigs, and hopefully I can be part of that.

So, yeah, it would be awesome to get back to the big stage, but hopefully I’m getting to do that.

I feel very fortunate to be here, and happy to be part the team that I’m a part of.

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