A new family field game could be coming to the D.C. area soon

A new field game that is being created in D.W.C., Maryland and Virginia, would offer a chance to play family games in their own neighborhoods.

The game, known as Family Field Games, would be a game of four-on-four, a traditional game where teams of four players each pick a color from one of four sets of colors.

Each team would then play against one of the opposing teams.

The game is part of the D-Street Family Game Initiative, a partnership between D.E.R. and the D Street Foundation, which is working to bring a new family game to D.D.A.I.

A spokesperson for the D street Foundation told The Washington Post that the game is not being developed by D.


The D Street Family Game initiative is part-funded by the DStreet Foundation, with additional support from the D Streets Foundation, the D & E Street Foundation and the American Family Association.

D Street is a group of nonprofits that works to improve civic engagement, promote equality, strengthen family and community life and build strong communities.

The group’s goal is to make life better for the city’s residents and businesses, according to the group’s website.

D Street has previously played the game of family in Maryland and D.H.S. in Virginia.

In the Virginia game, which was played in May 2018, a family of four was split into two teams and played against each other in a double-header game.