How Eton Field Became a Target for ISIS in Syria

A week ago, an ISIS convoy of more than 150 cars plowed into a field in Golan Heights, Israel, and killed four Israeli soldiers.

The incident was the worst known act of terror in Israel in recent years.

It comes after Israel and the United States signed a long-term cease-fire agreement, which has led to the gradual dismantling of ISIS’ presence in Syria.

But the conflict has left thousands of Israelis—many of them children—in need of help.

The following day, the Israeli news site Ynet reported that Israeli soldiers had been attacked by “terrorists” in a nearby town, but did not specify if any were wounded.

Two hours later, a third terror attack took place.

An Israeli officer told the Israeli media outlet Ynet that two of his soldiers had suffered serious injuries.

“At the moment, we don’t know if they’re civilians or ISIS [ISIS] fighters,” the officer said.

The first attack took the lives of three Israeli soldiers in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to Ynet.

A few hours later on Sunday afternoon, another attack took out a security guard at the entrance to the village of Qalat al-Bunyan, near the Syrian border, and a fourth attacker attacked a soldier in a field just outside the town.

In total, there have been seven attacks in the last few days, according the Israeli military.

Israel’s Channel 2 reported that a car bomb in the village killed five people and injured two.

On Tuesday, Ynet said that “terrorist fighters” had attacked Israeli troops in the area, but gave no further details.

“We have seen two soldiers killed, but we don,t know who they were,” the source said.

In response to the reports of an attack in Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement: “It was a terror attack targeting Israeli security forces.

We have responded in a manner consistent with the values of Israel and democracy.

I have ordered a comprehensive investigation into this attack and will bring the perpetrators to justice.

We will take swift action to identify and punish the responsible parties.”

ISIS has been known to target Israeli military and civilian targets.

In 2015, the extremist group targeted two soldiers in a southern Israeli settlement, killing two of them.

In the same year, Israeli forces were accused of killing an ISIS militant in the occupied Golan, the Syrian-controlled territory occupied by Israel since 1967.

In September 2016, a Hamas militant in Israel was killed when his vehicle was targeted by ISIS.