How the Houston Astros used a wild pitch in the 4th inning to win a 4-3 wild-card game against the Minnesota Twins

In the fourth inning, Houston’s Alex Bregman hit a solo homer off the Twins’ Mark Buehrle in a 4th-inning game-tying inning.

After the game, Bregmann told reporters that the pitch came from a wild-pitch ball that had been tossed into the outfield by a fan in the stands.

But it turns out, the fan was actually throwing the pitch to Bregcombs father.

Afterward, Breggmann said, he was going to take the ball home and play with it for a little while.

The ball ended up in the field of play, where it hit Breg, who later said that the ball came from the park’s wild-ball pitcher.

Breg and his father, Aaron, were both in the crowd of about 30,000 fans for the game.

It was Breg’s first home game in a long time.

He has a career .233 batting average with four homers and 19 RBIs this year.