US$2.5bn of solar power to power ‘game fields’

The US Navy has announced it has invested $2.55 billion into a solar power project that will help create “game fields” in the US Naval Reserve.

The solar power will be installed in the vicinity of the Naval Reserve Command at the Naval Station Norfolk.

The project is expected to be completed by 2020, making it the largest solar energy project to be built in the United States, the Navy said in a statement.

“It will provide enough electricity to power approximately 60,000 square feet of playing field space,” the statement said.

“This solar power plant will be a major addition to our solar energy infrastructure and is a major asset to our fleet.”

The Naval Reserve is a naval service that provides training and support to US Navy Sailors in their roles as air, land and sea operations personnel.

It also provides support for the US Air Force, Navy Air Force and Marine Corps.

The Navy said the project would be the second-largest solar project to come online in the Navy’s history.

The first was installed in 2012, when a $3.2 billion solar farm in California was completed.