The 2018 AFL Grand Final is still on, but not for the next three years

The 2018 grand final is the first time the game will be played at Melbourne’s beautiful Adelaide Oval.

But the AFL will not be staging the next game for at least three more years.

The AFL announced this week it would be holding a press conference to discuss the future of the AFL grand final in 2021, with the league due to announce the format of the event next week.

This will be the first Grand Final to be held at a new venue since Melbourne’s Adelaide Oval was built in 2010.

The announcement comes after a year of speculation, including a report in the Herald Sun in January that the AFL had scrapped plans to play at the stadium in 2021.

The Herald Sun claimed the AFL was considering changing the format, which had been a key plank of the Adelaide Oval proposal.

The original Adelaide Oval plans were to feature a grand final featuring seven teams, and feature three matches of the first round and the final, with a fourth match on the final day of the season.

The Adelaide Oval would have hosted AFL finals games for the past 13 years.

But then the Adelaide stadium, which was built with public money, was completed and the AFL decided to shift the focus of the competition to a new home.

The decision to move the AFL finals to the new venue was the result of the death of former AFL chairman Richard Burnett.

The grand final at the Adelaide Stadium was the last major game held in the former venue in 2019, and the game was played in a wooden stand in 2020.

A grand final was also played at Adelaide Oval in 2022, but that match was cancelled because of a weather problem.

The 2019 AFL grand finals will now take place at Adelaide’s new stadium in 2022.

The event will be televised live on the AFL Network and the Adelaide Swans and Gold Coast Suns will both host the game.

The Grand Final at the new Adelaide Oval is expected to be a grand finale.

But a grand-final event will not necessarily mean a new fixture.

A new grand final venue will still have to be developed.

“The AFL will take the decision to stage a new grand-finale match in 2021 as part of a comprehensive plan to develop and redevelop the Adelaide Cricket Ground,” the league said in a statement.

The Victorian Government is yet to decide whether the stadium would host a grand finals match. “

Following discussions with stakeholders, the Victorian Government and the Victorian Rugby Union, we have identified the proposed site for the grand-finished event as a new ground at the current site of the current Adelaide Oval.”

The Victorian Government is yet to decide whether the stadium would host a grand finals match.

The Victorian Rugby union was asked for comment on whether the state would be willing to host the grand finals at the venue.

“I’ve asked for your views on that and will be following that up with you,” a spokeswoman for the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“However, as the new stadium is not yet built, the venue is not the preferred venue for our next game.”

The AFL confirmed this week the new site is in the process of being developed.

In a statement the AFL said it was “delighted” the AFL has been able to announce its 2021 grand final plans.

“We remain committed to the game of footy and will continue to support the AFL and the sport of footie in Victoria through this new opportunity to showcase our game and the games of football,” it said.

The Melbourne Grand Final will be held in 2020 The AFL has announced that it will be hosting a game in 2020 at the newly constructed Adelaide Oval, which is due to be completed in 2021 and open in 2019.

The game is expected be played in the old Adelaide Oval at the same venue, but the AFL confirmed that the new facility would host AFL finals matches.

“Melbourne’s Adelaide stadium is an excellent venue for the AFL Grand final,” the AFL stated.

“A number of major stakeholders in the Victorian game have already committed to hosting the game and we look forward to seeing the new grand finals fixture in 2019.”

The grand-finals will be streamed live online on the ABC, with viewers in Melbourne being able to see their favourite team play in the grandstands.

The new venue has been announced as the site of a grand grand-winners’ final between the Gold Coast Swans, who won the AFL premiership last year, and Essendon, who defeated the Cats in the last grand final.

The Sydney Swans will also be at the ground for the contest, which will be hosted by the Swans’ new AFL boss Damien Hardwick.

“It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in Melbourne for our AFL club, and we’re excited to see the grandfinal that we have in store in 2020,” Hardwick said in his opening statement.

Essendon’s new AFL coach Mark Baguley said the team was looking