When the sun goes down: Aussie football is not the same as Australian football

AUSTRALIA’S AFL and NRL premiers have been locked in an argument over the colour of the sun’s glare over the weekend.

Key points:Premiers have called for the NRL to consider changing the colours of its stadiums to reflect the colours and time of day of the seasonsAustralia’s premier football league has been embroiled in an escalating dispute with the AFL about its match coloursWhile many of the premiers in Australia’s premier league are keen to remain neutral, some are pushing for changeIn response to the NRL’s suggestion last week that its game should be changed to reflect daylight saving time, some of the nation’s biggest sporting icons have now called for its game to be changed as well.

Key Points:The NRL has been in an intense dispute with its state league over the change of its match day coloursThe NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, is pushing for a change to the league’s game to reflect “the times of day” in its stadiumsSome of the most popular AFL and NSW players have called on the NRL not to consider removing the colours from its stadiumsThe NRL, which has a strong presence in both countries, is in a bitter dispute with rival state league The North Queensland Cowboys over the colours it uses to signify the seasons and time.

The NRL and its state competition, the NSW Premiership, are locked in a long-running dispute over the changing of the colours.

The Premier of Queensland, Gladis Bryant, has called for a “full public debate” on the matter to be held on Sunday.

“The Premier wants to hear from people who are not aligned with the NRL,” he told ABC radio on Saturday.

“If there’s any one thing that people can agree on, it’s that it’s important to have a transparent and fair competition in our game.”

It’s important that we have the best players on the field and it’s also important that there is a fair and transparent system to play our game.

“Ms Berejika, the NRL chief executive, has made a number of high-profile comments in the last fortnight.

On Friday she said the game would be played at 7:00pm local time (12:00am Eastern) on Sunday, but the time change was “not yet in place”.”

It is still up in the air whether we go with 7:30pm or 7:15pm,” she said.”

We are going to keep going forward and try to get the game played at its best.

“On Sunday she suggested the NRL change the colours to reflect sunlight reflecting off the ground and “the time of the year”.”

We will be doing that in the coming days,” she told reporters.”

I would encourage everyone to be patient and understand it’s not the end of the world if the NRL decides to change its colours to match the sun.

“And then I would ask everyone to look at that, see how it feels, and make up your own mind.”

Ms Bryant said the NRL had “the opportunity” to change the match colours, but was refusing to do so.

“At this time it’s the only option,” she added.

“That’s why we’re asking the AFL to consider changes.”

The NRL will be held in a new stadium in Brisbane on March 4, 2021, and will be hosting the NRL grand final on February 11, 2021.AFL and NRL officials have been in negotiations over the changes for more than a year, and in February the two leagues agreed to “clarify” their respective rules and play on the same dates in 2021.

In a statement to the ABC on Saturday, the AFL said the league would “consider” the request from the NRL, but “will not be making a change until we have a clear indication of the impact of such a change”.

“The AFL is in discussions with the Premier of NSW on the issue,” the statement read.”AFL chairman Greg O’Brien said on Saturday that there was “no place in the game for racism” and that “it is the NRL that has shown the biggest disrespect to the Aboriginal community in recent times”.”

They are a club that is not afraid to show their colours in the right way,” Mr O’Briens said.

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