Why the iPhone 8’s iPhone X design is the most striking design feature

A design that is almost impossible to replicate, and a design that has the power to redefine the way people interact with their phones.

The iPhone 8 is the first iPhone to be released with a full glass back.

It’s the first to have an aluminum frame, and it’s the iPhone X. The design that makes this iPhone such a delight to use.

It has a glass back, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and two cameras on the top.

The back has a new, sleek curved edge, the same design as the iPhone 7.

It looks like a slab of stainless steel.

The rear has a large metal button that doubles as the volume rocker.

The phone has an iris scanner, and the fingerprint sensor is gone.

The glass back also makes the phone feel more durable than the aluminum, and you can slide it off if you don’t want it on your phone.

It’s the best iPhone design yet, but it also has one of the best design decisions we’ve ever seen.

The camera is a lot thinner than the iPhone 6s, and its LED flash works much better on a phone with glass.

The battery is now an OLED display.

And the fingerprint scanner has been replaced with an irises scanner.

It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the older iPhones, but these new phones are even better.

The iPhone X is a design gem.

There are no gimmicks or gimmicks that will make you say “wow” or “wowza” about the iPhone.

You can’t go back to the iPhone 9.

The only thing you will get is a really great design that will give you a whole new appreciation for the iPhone’s design.

This iPhone is also a very good phone.

It has a great screen, and no matter what you do, you’ll never have to worry about battery life.

The screen is the perfect size for reading and watching videos and for multitasking.

And with the fingerprint reader and irises screen scanner, you’re not going to want to leave the phone on your desk.

You won’t need to swap it out for another one.

The best thing about the design of the iPhone is that you don “have to” have it.

You’ll never regret getting this phone.

The design is very simple.

You get a full iPhone 6 and the screen and glass back for $150.

You buy a $199 iPhone 8, and that’s it.

The price difference between the iPhone and iPhone X makes the iPhone a more expensive phone, but you’ll be able to buy the iPhone in stores and buy a new iPhone, too.

That way, you don�t have to pay $100 for an iPhone that will last for two years.

The phone comes with a very attractive design.

The top has a circular design with a red border.

You have a lot of space in front of you.

You don’t have to turn your phone on and you don?t have a hard time finding the button.

And it’s a great design.

The only thing it lacks is the fingerprint readers.

But that?s not a dealbreaker.

If you?re looking for a phone that has a big screen, you want the iPhone, and there?s a good reason for that.

You get a lot in the way of features, too, like the new Siri voice assistant.

You?ll be able ask questions and you?ll also be able control the screen with Siri, but those are the only two features that are important for everyday use.

The camera is one of those things that people want.

It takes incredible photos, and video is great too.

The front camera is also an amazing camera, and we don?

T have any complaints about the camera.

You really have to take photos and video with the iPhone because the iPhone has a lot more features than the other phones, but the camera is still pretty great.

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