JellyFisfis field game industry

A field game developer from Germany has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a field-based version of the popular Candy Crush Saga game, The Field.

The campaign, launched today, asks for $1,500 ($7,000 if the goal is reached).

The campaign has already raised $7,600 ($19,400 if the campaign is funded) so far, and the campaign’s creator, Andreas Koehn, has said that he hopes to raise $100,000 ($150,000) in a couple of weeks to bring the game to life.

Koehn’s goal is to raise the funds to complete the game’s core elements, which includes the ability to capture and manipulate objects with the gamepad, and to implement an AI system that allows players to build their own custom game environments.

Komusice, a field game studio based in the Netherlands, created a similar field-powered version of Candy Crush, Candy Crush: Arena, which has a similar name and was developed by the same company.

The Field is also based on Candy Crush’s gameplay, which can be played with a keyboard and mouse.KOEHN told me that he wanted to create an alternative to Candy Crush Arena, but he found the experience to be “very frustrating.”

The experience was “very much a chore to play,” he said.

“It’s hard to get a rhythm going and to keep your mind off the game, to have a fun game.”

Koehler says he’s looking for a developer who can help him create a game that’s “a lot more enjoyable to play” than Candy Crush.

The field game would not be Candy Crush in the sense that the game is the game itself, he said, but rather a game built from the ground up to take advantage of its unique nature.

Fields, he told me, are a “very simple game, but a lot of fun to play.”

Koehler’s team has already begun prototyping their game, and he said he’d like to have the game ready by the end of the year.

Field games aren’t the only game to use field elements.

There are also fields of text, games that let players draw pictures of objects on the screen, and a few others.

Kaehn, who previously worked on an iOS game called Tasty, also told me the field-driven field game “was actually a bit harder to make.”

While the game uses the same gameplay as Candy Crush by adding and removing objects, Koehns team has had to rethink how to design objects and how to build the world around them, which makes it more difficult to make objects stand out.

“I’m looking for someone who knows a lot about field-art and has a very good idea about the kind of game we want to make,” Koehm said.

Koehln said he has been working on the project for about six months, and that he’s “working on the game with my friends and family, so that’s a lot longer than most people would have a chance to do.”

He said that while he is excited about the potential of the game for its field elements, he’s also excited about his team’s ability to make it a “really fun experience.”

The Field is not Koehrns first field-inspired game.

He previously worked for a company called Playground Games that produced a series of iOS game that used the field as its base.

He said that Playground did a great job creating “the perfect field,” adding that the studio has made several other field-game-like apps over the years.

Playground’s previous game, an action-adventure game called Fieldrunners, was released in 2013.

Kaehn said he and his team are currently “working” on a second game.

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