Why the AFL wants a ‘new breed’ of AFL players

The AFL’s Board of Control for Football (BCFF) has been informed of a report on the future of the game’s two major divisions.

The report is contained in the latest edition of the BCFF’s Draft Report, a series of public consultation documents published by the BCFL on Wednesday.

The draft report outlines the BCFC’s vision for the future, and outlines the direction in which the game is moving in terms of the recruitment of new players.

The BCFF believes it will be an “essential” part of the new generation of players and staff to be able to build on the success of the AFL’s current players.

The report says the AFL has a clear mandate to increase its recruiting pool of AFL talent.

“We have a lot of new talent and the AFL needs to find new ways to get that talent into the game,” the report states.

It says that, as a result, the AFL “must have a new breed of players, with a stronger recruitment structure and more commitment to building a new generation” that is more focused on playing quality footy.

“The AFL will need to establish a stronger commitment to recruiting players who have a proven track record of being a good fit with the organisation,” the BCFEF report states, without elaborating.

The AFL is looking to recruit more players from overseas, and is working with the AFL to expand the number of overseas players available to play footy in 2018.

The full report can be found below.

The Draft Report can be read here.

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