Legion Field Games: Electric Field Game – Field of Dreams

Legion Field games is the official electric field game of the Chicago Cubs.

In the electric field of the world’s most famous baseball stadium, the Cubs play the Cincinnati Reds, who are playing the Atlanta Braves.

The game is played outdoors in a park in downtown Chicago called The Field of Vision.

The game is an electric-only version of the traditional outdoor field game, where players use a bat or pole to hit balls on a field covered with electrified fencing.

The Cubs are playing for their pennant in the 2017 American League Division Series.

“It’s a great thing to have and a great way to raise money for the Legion Foundation,” said the Cubs general manager, Theo Epstein.

“I think that it’s going to be an exciting thing for a lot of people.”

Epstein and the Cubs have been involved in the electric-field game for many years.

In 2012, the organization sponsored a series of events in support of the Legion’s annual “Truckin'” fundraiser.

The event raised over $300,000 for the organization.

In addition to the electric Field of the Dreams electric field games that are played at The Field, the Cincinnati and Atlanta teams have also been participating in the event.

Last year, the Atlanta team played the Chicago Braves for the first time in the series.