Trump’s field dress game hits the sweet spot

GAME CHANGERS: Trump’s “Field Dress Game” hits the Sweet Spot: Trump says “I like it when people dress up like me.”

— The Hill (@thehill) November 13, 2018 The Hill reports that Trump is “showing off his field dress in front of the White House, including a new costume he’s using as part of his theme.

The Hill’s Lauren Dillon reports:Trump’s Field Dress Game hit the sweet Spot: The Trump White House is showing off his Field Dress Games costume, which features the president wearing a hat and gloves.

The field dress was created by an Iowa-based company that has been running Field Dress events across the country, according to the company’s website.

The outfit features a pair of white gloves and a hat that resemble a headdress.

The Field Dress is Trump’s attempt to break down the barriers of American politics, Dillon reported.

The new costume has been a favorite of Trump’s as well, according the report.

The White House has also been a major beneficiary of the Field Dress movement.

According to Dillon, a new White House staff member was wearing a field dress on the weekend, and the president was invited to a costume party in December.

The Trump White Houses Office of Public Liaison has also taken a liking to the Field dress, Dillon said.”

I can’t speak for the Trump administration or Trump’s administration directly, but I have seen the White Houses staff wear field dresses as a part of their costume and as part.

of their social events,” Dillon said, according