Why are Indian footballers scoring so much?

Indian football is in a rut after two seasons in which they have not won a single game.

Their season was blighted by injury and suspensions.

This time around, though, the injury problems seem to have been eased.

The teams that have qualified for the World Cup are led by a combination of talent and fitness.

The Indian squad is led by two players who have played the sport in India for a long time, Kolkata Knight Riders captain Rahul Dravid and Mumbai Indians midfielder Rishabh Pant.

They have two players of the highest level in Indian football, both of whom played in the World Cups last year.

The second team is led in India by the former Indian captain and the coach of the country’s top-ranked side, Sunil Chhetri.

The team is also led by the players who were part of the World Cric team in 2016.

The first game of the tournament will be played on September 8.

It will be a two-day affair, with the second game on September 12.

India has already qualified for both the World Games in 2018 and 2019.

Their opponents for this tournament are Brazil and South Korea.