Game, elysian Fields, e.g., is ‘not going to happen’

The Game Developers Association of India has warned that the game “Elysian” will not come to India and is not in development.

“The IP is owned by Electronic Arts, and we have no plans to release the game in India,” the association said in a statement.

“Eliot has no intention to make any IP for India.” 

The statement comes as India prepares to launch a launch of the country’s biggest console, the PlayStation 4, on August 15.

EMI, the company that developed the game, did not respond to a request for comment.

The association, which is part of the industry body AICTE, has also said it does not believe the game is “the next big IP” for India, which has been a key market for EA and its EA Play service.

EA has not commented on the association’s statement. 

“The IP belongs to EA and we are not looking to acquire IPs from them.

However, we are aware of EA’s plans to launch the next generation console, and in the meantime we are actively working with EA to ensure that we will have a robust portfolio of games in India, including our own IP,” the statement said.